Cng for Honda Civic fk 1800cc 2006 model

Auch BMW hatte mal Modelle wie 316g u. 518g im Programm und auch fernöstliche Modelle werden kommen.

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Cng for Honda Civic fk 1800cc 2006 model

Beitrag von Jim » 14.04.2017 12:45

Into the link, there are fhotos for my conversion..
The timing advance processor is in the stag..
The timing advance processor AEB is not working good for my car.
The tanks is stako
There is another friend who has converted this car Honda Civic fk? ... civic.html
Honda Civic 1800cc 2006 5d.
Stag cng..stag timing advance processor.. Hana lnjectors ..2 tank/5.3kg