Romania - new CNG station?

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Romania - new CNG station?

Beitrag von » 25.07.2013 12:01

At Internet GNV Magazine has been published news about new CNG station at Romania, situated in city of Roman.
Link for this side is available here: ... mania-3185

I was quite excited about this, because there is no CNG stations at Romania. But I also supposed, that this news is not true. I have checked it with the original news, which was published on the official webside of SOCAR. There is not written anything about CNG refueling: ... aieRomanen

Have you got any further information about this? May somebody verified this news?

Thanks in advance,

M. Sorgatz
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Beitrag von M. Sorgatz » 26.07.2013 09:39

Hi Karol,

considerung that the original news mentions 16 active "gas stations" in the north-eastern area, I assume that the GNV Magazine just misunderstood the term "gas station".
Gas station (american english) = petrol station (british english) = filling station has probably been mixed with the term "CNG filling station".

I cannot believe that.

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Beitrag von Razvan » 22.08.2014 12:57


I'm Romanian and I can confirm that there are no CNG stations in Romania as of yet (August 2014).

I have asked for more information at the national energy authority (ANRE) and their reply was that the regulations for CNG are in the final phase and will be published soon.

There are a number of logistics companies that use CNG for their trucks, but they are using their own equipment and are not allowed to sell gas.

For those of you that wish to search Romanian websites, instead of CNG use GNC (Gaz Natural Comprimat), or GNCV (Gaz Natural Comprimat utilizat drept combustibil pentru Vehicule).

From what I have understood, there are two deadlines imposed by the European Comission for the whole Community: 2016 for finalizing CNG regulations and 2020 for having CNG refill stations every 150 km.