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Methane Zone on GasShow 2014 by

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Dear Friends!

Next week Portal organise 4th Edition of Methane Zone. It's a special stand, where we will promote use of CNG & LNG for transport. We try to organise it like Erdgas Mobil does on automotive exhibitions in Germany.

Methane Zone on GasShow 2014. Promoting stand of CNG & LNG prepared by

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Is CNG still profitable? What kind of benefits will reach my company in changing fleet to vehicles powered by natural gas? For these and other questions visitors will receive answers on 5-6 March in ‘Methane Zone’ at the International Fair GasShow 2014. For the fourth time portal organizes a special stand, where all guests will be introduced to prospects of using natural gas for vehicles.

Portal will collect in Methane Zone experts of Polish CNG market. On one stand visitors will have opportunity to meet with NGVs manufacturers, producers of composite cylinders, CNG compressors distributors and national development & research institutions and projects.

Methane Zone on GasShow 2014 received Honorary Patronage of the Minister of Economy, Prime Minister, Mr. Janusz Piechociński.

More information is available here