Error P3350, P3352 and G71 Need HELP!

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Error P3350, P3352 and G71 Need HELP!

Beitrag von manutouran » 01.07.2017 10:46

Hello people,

I am from Romania and I have a problem with my 2010 VW Touran 1.4 TSI EcoFuel CNG, the last visit to a service I found some error.

- 013136 - Fuel Trim (Nat. Gas Operation ) Range 1

P3350 - 000 - too Lean - MIL ON

- 013138 Fuel Trim (Nat. Gas Operation ) Range 2

P3352 - 00 - Too Lean - Intermittent

- 000262 - Mainfold / Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71) / (F96)

P0106 - 000 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

Now the problem si that in Romania VW service don't repair CNG, yes I know is very strange but they refuse me, so I have to go to another services and repair the car.

So here is the problem that I have.

In the morning when I start the car the first key is not working, try second time and go to Gasoline and after a few minutes when go to CNG the engine was STOP.

If I keep the car hooded or I drive then CNG enter and don't die, but all day is working only in the morning STOP and because that give me that error.

Also the car start on Gasoline and go to CNG but also consume Gasoline in the same time and I know the Gasoline is use only to start the engine!

Now I think there are 4 maybe problems,

- I will have to change the Lambda probe!
- I will have to change the Injector
- I will have to change the Vacum hoses
- I will have to change the high pressure pump

One of this problem must be, I wright on the forum about this but I am not sure 100% what to change?

If some one can help me will be great!


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Beitrag von Bassmann » 01.07.2017 20:28

Hi! Welcome here on !

I made a new thread out ouf your problem.

Your photos might help, but I would like to see the complete infos: Which speed of the engine (rpm) and which fuel was used at that time?

Usually I am very sceptical, if someone tells me, both fuels were used at the same time. I know, my Polo can do that for some milliseconds, if I need the most possible acceleration. And I am pretty sure, your Touran can not.

One more question:
As long as You ride on gasoline the engine keeps running?

Vacuum hoses are a good idea with more than 420000km counted.
Changing the gasoline-injectors (there are 4) might be a good idea, too. But then You should see fault codes for a single cylinder, too.
And: There is no high pressure pump. there is a pressure reduce device. You have up to 250bar in Your tanks, the gas-vents can handle 5 to 9 bar... If you don't have problems riding gasoline, that might be a possible reason, why You can't ride on CNG at all, but that works later the day, as You wwote.

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Beitrag von manutouran » 04.07.2017 09:13

Thank you for getting back to me.

Like I said the problem is on Start the Engine, is not running perfect, I mean is try to start on CNG but cannot because is Stop the engine and start on Gasoline,
after that I can drive the car on Gasoline and if I drive, the CNG open and then run on CNG but is getting the same Gasoline.

After that all day when Engine is hot is start on CNG and I drive on CNG not a problem that!

And yes for a full CNG tank is use 6L of gasoline, I always put Gasoline 98 from OMW!

Yes the engine ride on gasoline and the engine keeps running.

Yes I will check the vacuum hoses.

The gasoline injectors don't give any fault codes!

I saw on the another post the same code error and some people said they change the high pressure pump.

The problem is when the car Start and go to CNG!

I always change the Oil, Filter etc at 10,000KM.

The problem is in Romania I cannot go to a VW service to check it and today I contact VW Bulgaria to go there and see if I found the problem!

Thank you

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Beitrag von anacronataff » 05.07.2017 16:32

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